Back At It + Fitness Week In Review

Hi friends – happy (almost) Halloween!  If you’re a previous blog reader from Quick, Healthy, Delicious, thanks for following me over here to my brand new page.  If you’re a new reader, welcome!  As I try to figure out exactly what this blog is going to be for me, thanks for sticking around.  I promise it will be worth it.  What type of content do you all want to see?  Let me know in the comments!  I want this blog to be a conversation of sorts, all aimed at showing you that yes, while I am a dietitian, I am human too.  I live my life without rules; I try to be as balanced as possible.

In other news, here’s what i’ve been doing to stay active this week!

Monday – decided to hit up the Ohio River Trail for a nice and easy flat-ish run.  Flat runs are so hard to do around here without actually driving anywhere so it was nice to run mix things up and pick a new route to try out.  I’ve been trying to build my speed back up lately, so the fact I’m getting closer to my sub-9:00 paces makes me smile.  Plus, loving the fall colors and tree lined path along the river.  Fall - Ohio River TrailFall Ohio River view

Tuesday – hit up circuit training at the Blue Ash Rec.  It’s an old favorite of mine so it felt incredible to be back.  Loved the Halloween themed workout at this class!  I had a job interview in West Chester that finished early so I even had time to run 3 easy warm-up miles before class.

Wednesday – had originally planned on going to cycling class at Body Alive after work but was feeling lightheaded and since the studio is already very hot and stuffy, I decided to skip.  Always listen to your body!  I was okay skipping Wednesday because I got over 20,000 steps at work; that’s a lot of walking!

Thursday – hit up the track at 6am with my friend Mary for a speed workout.  Thanks for the motivation!  We did 4 x 200, 2 x 400 and 1 x 800, with plenty of slow, cool down laps in the mix.  It feels good to know that putting hard work in now will hopefully result in some faster miles down the road.  Before work I decided last minute to hit up Body Alive to try their barre class.  I’ve only done barre one other time before.  Not sure how much I enjoyed the class; I typically like something higher intensity, but I loved the instructors excitement and the halloween playlist.

10/29 track workout

Friday – wasn’t feeling the best when I woke up, but decided to hit up cycling class at Body Alive at lunch.  Totally worth it.  I think I was just feeling sluggish.

The plan for the rest of the day is to relax!  Hope you all have great weekends.  I’m planning to meet up with some friends at the HallBrew Eve Bash at Ault Park.  Per usual, no real costume idea for Halloween.  Pondering dressing up as my favorite Blacklist character, Special Agent Keen.

Anybody else lame and brainstorming last minute costume ideas?
Any healthy halloween snacks on the menu?


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