Fitness Week In Review + Quick and Easy Meal Ideas!

Hi guys!  As I get a feel for how I’m going to being doing posts, thanks for hanging in there.  It’s been a pretty cold week, so it’s been a struggle to motivate myself to get in training runs for the Kentucky Derby Marathon which is in April.  So thankful for friends who prefer fitness dates over other, more traditional forms of hanging out because I certainly love the extra motivation.  Besides attempting to stay warm by drinking copious amounts of coffee, here’s how i’ve been moving this week:

Monday- My friend Mary and I were going to run, but with temperatures hanging around 12 degrees all day, we decided to check out the 5:54pm kickboxing at our LA Fitness instead.  It was a great workout!  Mary tried to warn me it would be intense, but there was nothing that could have prepared me for this class.  Eugene teaches an incredibly high energy class that can best be described as a combination of kickboxing, bootcamp and step class in one.  While it was a little coordinated for me (I struggled with some of the step combos), it was a great workout that got my heart rate up and my feet moving.  I loved that Eugene had a whistle and blew it every time he wanted us to run laps around the room.  It was a nice change of pace from my regular routine.  We followed up the workout with some good beer and the Bachelor.   Who else loves Ben?!

Tuesday- Since I had to work during our Queen City Running club workout, I did a run on my own Tuesday morning.  I hit up the gym and ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill.  Before I ran, I decided to take a yoga class at one of my favorite fitness spots, Body Alive.  The heated room wasn’t working, but no worries, it was still a great, relaxing stretch.  Love Body alive because their drop in rate won’t break the bank like other fitness spots in the area.

Wednesday- While we only got a couple inches of snow, the roads were a mess and the sidewalks were covered, so this ended up being another gym day for me.  I’m really not fond of running two days in a row (hard on my knees) so I took it easy and did a moderate paced, very flat, 3 mile treadmill run.  I followed that up with a few circuits that involved planks and burpees.

Thursday- Thursday was a pretty inactive day.  The first time I even got off my couch was to meet up with Mary for a pre-dinner 4 mile run in the snow.  Like I said, thank goodness for friends who motivate you to get up and out there.  Our pace was slow due to slushing around in the snow the entire time, but it felt great to move.

Friday- One of my new years resolutions was to try and get back in a routine of hitting up the gym at 6am.  Every day I used to do this, I had zero regrets later.  I decided to go to one of my favorite classes that I used to attend regularly, P/E class at the Blue Ash Rec Center.  Like I said, no regrets!  Andrew always designs a challenging, but fun workout.  And at 6:15 am, it’s a pretty high energy group which always helps with waking up.  Great way to start the weekend off!

On the meal front, I’ve made two simple slow cooker dishes that I thought were delicious and worth sharing.  Tuesday, I made this slow cooker pulled pork.  It was simple to prepare and full of flavor.  I served it up the first night on a bun piled high with coleslaw.  The next two days, I enjoyed it on a salad of leftover slaw.  Delish!

Thursday I threw together a variation on this simple slow cooker vegetarian chili.  I love recipes where you just throw everything in a pot and forget about it!  I was so hungry by the time I ate it, I didn’t remember to snap a photo!  I added spinach and extra sweet potato to the recipe for good measure, and topped with guac and cilantro 🙂

Happy weekend everybody!  We are supposed to get a lot of snow over here later today so hopefully it doesn’t make my long run tomorrow too difficult.

Anyone else have any great slow cooker recipes they like to make when it’s cold out?  Send them my way!

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