Weekend Food + Fitness Adventures

Hi friends!  Happy Presidents Day.  I know many of you have the day off (like me!) and are hopefully relaxing and enjoying the long weekend.  I plan to get in a run and hit up CrossFit later.  I might even get some cooking or baking done too.  Plus, the Bachelor is on tonight (guilty pleasure) so it should be a great day.  This weekend was pretty busy on the food and fitness front so I thought I’d share with you all what went on.  I think people tend to get the wrong impressions of dietitians, thinking we only eat veggies and nuts, but I’m here to show you that us dietitians find balance just like the rest of you!

Saturday was my long run with the Queen City Running Club and 13 miles were on the agenda.  With my phone reminding me it was only 12 degrees F outside, waking up at 6:30 Saturday morning was not very fun.  In addition to the cold, my back has been a little sore since Thursday so I knew this was going to be a tough run.  Normally, my rule of thumb is any temperatures below 20 mean I do my run on a treadmill, however, due to the motivation of the group, I knew I had to run outside.  The run was a pretty straight forward out and back on Dixie Highway + some loops through the neighborhoods in Northern Kentucky, however what we didn’t realize was how hilly the first 6-7 miles were.  They included gradual uphills and very steep uphills.  Brutal.  Given that it felt colder than 12 outside, everything felt numb, including my face.  And, the fact my back was sore didn’t help either.  The group definitely got me through the first half of the run, however, given all of the above circumstances, I decided to slow down and fall back.  Sometimes it’s important to listen to your body!  Everything felt numb post run, especially my face.  Thank goodness I wore my hooded vest.  It kept my head and body as warm as it possibly could.  I have to give a shout out to my friends Mary and Katie because if I didn’t have them to meet up with at these runs, I’d probably skip more than half of them.  Because I know you all want to see a sweaty selfie, here’s one of Mary and I all bundled up sporting the fashionable ninja look, perfectly appropriate for cold weather running.


Mary and I both agreed that was without a doubt the hardest run we’ve ever done.  I would even say it was harder than the two marathons I’ve completed.  Brrrrrr!  Since we needed to defrost, Starbucks seemed like a logical idea.  We had to try these limited edition molten chocolate lattes!  They were super rich and chocolatey, and and oh so satisfying.  You guys, that’s chocolate espresso whipped cream!  Perfect post 13 mile run treat!  Moderation is key, right?


After warming up, Mary and I both agreed we needed some real food and decided to check out O Pie O, a restaurant in town that only serves pie.  The service was great and so was the food.  We split a bunch of things and it all hit the spot.  My favorite was the empanadas, but the honey vinegar pie and the shepards pie were both delish as well.  After this brunch, I was so full I didn’t want to eat again until dinner!

Later in the day, I discovered I won 2 dozen free roses from Whole Foods.  Roses for Rose?  Why not!  This obviously called for a trip to Whole Foods and I grabbed a few things for dinner.  Asparagus and beef stir fry?  Yes Please!  I cooked it up super quick in the pan and paired the stir fry with edamame noodles that I received for free at FNCE.  We thought the noodles were a little dense, but not bad considering they have over 20 grams of protein per serving!

Sunday was all about recovery.  I hit up the gym to get a short swim in to shakeout those sore muscles from that long run.  Swimming is one of my favorite forms of active recovery.  It always feels great to stretch out in the pool.  For my post swim lunch, I had leftover stir fry.  It certainly hit the spot.  The rest of Sunday was occupied by work.  Looking forward to a relaxing Monday off!

While I know it was valentines weekend, I don’t usually celebrate the holiday.  But I bet you all did.  Did anyone cook anything special for their loved ones?  Tell me all about it!

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