Five: A Random Blog Survey

It’s Wednesday (aka hump day) and I need some randomness to make it through the rest of my week.  Who else agrees?  This post is inspired by a “five” themed blog survey started by Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers and I thought it would fun to participate.  Other bloggers (like Anne over at Fannetastic Food) have been participating as well.  I’d love to hear some of your responses too!  Post in the comments below or on your own blogs!



5 Talents I Wish I Had:
1.  Photography
2.  Sprinting (opposed to long distance running)
3.  Singing
4.  Painting
5.  Gift wrapping

5 of My Favorite Foods:
1.  Donuts (obviously)
2.  Goldfish
3.  Berries
4.  Dark chocolate
5.  Chips and guac


5 Foods I Eat Almost Every Single Day:
1.  Coffee (does that count as a food?!)
2.  Nut butter (with breakfast, as part of a snack, etc.)
3.  Eggs (the entire egg – yolk + white? yes please!)
4.  Spinach (mixed into eggs, a smoothie, on a sandwich, or wilted into recipes)
5.  Goldfish (RDs have to satisfy cravings too, and for me, Goldfish satisfy my salty crunchy cravings)


5 Places I’m Dying to Travel To:
1.  Ireland (take me on ALL the adventures here!)
2.  Seattle (hiking, Pikes Place, Starbucks? yes, please!)
3.  Hawaii (again, all the adventures)
4.  Maine and Arcadia National Park
5.  New England (I want to eat my way through this area in general)

5 of my Favorite Food Blogs:
1.  How Sweet Eats
2.  Yeah…Immaeatthat
3.  Spicy Southern Kitchen
4.  Thug Kitchen
5.  Kath Eats Real Food

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 3.49.07 PM.png

5 of My Favorite Races:
1.  The Flying Pig Marathon
2.  The Columbus Marathon
3.  The Iron Horse Half Marathon
4.  The Hyde Park Blast
5.  Cincinnati Redlegs Run

5 Random Things I’ve Eaten This Week:
1.  Jose Cuervo Light Peach Margaritas (had to celebrate margarita day, even if it was a day late)
2.  Ovaltine (mixed in my coffee for some chocolatey goodness!)
3.  Tater Tot Poutine (at #YelpEatsPoutineWeek!)
4.  Sweedish Fish
5.  Reeses Egg

Ready, set, go… your turn!

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