What I Ate Wednesday + A Day In The Life

Hi Friends!  Happy Friday.  This week has flown by for me, which must mean I’ve been keeping busy.  This weekend is looking busy too.  I’ve got my long run followed by brunch (obviously) and as always plenty of work to get done.  Normally, I don’t remember to snap photos of everything I eat from day to day, but I thought it would be fun to jump on the “what I ate Wednesday” bandwagon and give you guys a glimpse at what a fairly typical day in food looks like for me.  Who’s ready for a glimpse at my Wednesday?!  🙂

6:00am – 7:ooam – Wake up, make coffee.  I always drink the first cup of the day black.

7:00am – 9:00am – Get work done on projects I’m involved with and make breakfast.  Wednesday’s breakfast was Kodiak Cakes (aka the best pancake mix) combined with some canned pumpkin puree and fresh blueberries.  Topped with almond butter.  Delish!


9:15am – Out the door for crossfit!  Wednesday’s workout of the day was a good but tough one.  I’ve really been loving learning the right way to do these lifts.


10:45am – Back home from the gym.  It’s rare that I want a green smoothie (long story but green beverages visually weird me out), but I felt like a refreshing drink to refuel after a tough workout.  This combo masks the taste of the spinach and I love it–pumpkin + banana + peanut butter + 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder + almond milk + cinnamon + ice + small handful of spinach.  It hit the spot!  Here’s the poor quality photo I shared on snapchat (@kaplanrm).  Envy my photography skills!


12:30pm – Threw together a quick salad before rushing off to work.  It had some Trader Joe’s smoked trout, canned beets (low sodium variety), 90 second brown rice, tomatoes spinach and avocado.  I dressed it with some olive oil and lemon juice.  Always filling and it hits the spot.  Wednesday was a late shift day so quickly after I was out the door.


2:00-9:00pm –  I came to work with a variety of snacks in hand.  I get very hungry throughout the day, especially since I’m on my feet for most of it.  I enjoyed goldfish, cashews, blueberries, a blondie bar, and a few dark chocolate peanut butter cups throughout the day.

6:30pm – This was a little later than normal for my dinner (work kept me busy, so thankful for my arsenal of snacks).  Since I snack a ton all day long at work, I usually keep dinner simple–my standard go-to’s are a sandwich or a salad.  Had a salad for lunch so sandwich it was.  I used sprouted grain bread, mashed avocado, mustard, and deli turkey.  Simple but it worked.  I enjoyed it with an un-pictured raspberry fizzy water.


9:45pm – Got home from work and ate another small handful of goldfish.  My plan for the next morning was to squeeze in an early morning run.  Since I wasn’t planning on eating before the run, I like to eat a snack before bed so there is at least something in my system.

10:15pm – Sound asleep.

Thanks for sticking with me guys.  Were you surprised at how much I snack?  Was this exactly what you expected from a dietitian?

What are your staple snacks on a typical day?  Tell me!  

….and in case you were wondering, I did indeed make it out on my 6:30 am run on Thursday, despite the windy, snowy weather.  It was tough but as always, glad I got out there.  Have a great weekend, friends!


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