Simple Healthy Trick + Fitness Adventures

Hi guys!  Another week down and let me tell you, it’s been a busy one!  I’ve been working on the planning for my nutrition workshops with my running group, the Queen City Running Club, as well as some other writing opportunities and of course work.

Because of how busy I’ve been, grocery shopping hasn’t made it to the top of my priorities list.  No worries though!  I always keep a few frozen staples on hand–either leftovers or some healthy frozen dinners.  Now, I don’t find frozen dinners to be filling on their own, so I always like to think of creative ways to pump up the nutrition even if I am in a hurry.  Today for lunch, I made one of my favorite Trader Joe’s frozen meals:  the chicken tikka masala.  Its got large chunks of chicken breast served over basmati rice with a spicy, flavorful sauce.  Delish!  To pump up the nutrition, I microwaved the meal on top of a large pile of spinach.  It worked perfectly.  I got some extra volume from the veggies as well as the pumped up nutritional value from the spinach.  This lunch hit the spot!


As far as fitness goes, just because it’s a busy week does not mean you have an excuse to skip physical activity.  Monday was an absolutely beautiful day outside so I got in a nice 4.5 mile run through a bunch of the nearby Cincinnati neighborhoods.  I even got to wear shorts which felt AMAZING.  I hate wearing tights to run.  Anyone else have the same problem?


So glad I got a good run in Monday because Tuesday’s forecast called for rain.  I knew if I came home from work and it was raining, I wouldn’t have made it to my group run, so I did the smart thing and packed a gym bag.  This forced me to get my workout in.  I decided to hit up one of my favorite fitness classes at the Blue Ash Recreation Center after work, the circuit training!  I love how the instructors always play great music and design challenging workouts.  Tuesday we had to do “get-ups,” and for those unfamiliar, they are super difficult.  Before the class, I had time to use the indoor track and even squeezed in 2.5 miles.  Awesome.


Wednesday morning I was up and at it to hit up some 6am crossfit with my work friend Mandy.  LOVE that she convinced me to do this with her.  It was a tough workout that included tons of burpees and wall balls for a fellow crossfiter’s 40th birthday.  Such a tough workout but felt good to get that one in.  Wednesday evening, I had a fun girls dinner with some of my coworkers at Bakersfield, one of my absolute favorites.  Glad I squeezed that workout in because we definitely treated ourselves to some margaritas, tortilla chips and tacos.  With my favorite donut joint right across the street, I obviously encouraged the group to stop in with me to grab a little after dinner treat.  Balance, obviously :).


Thursday was yet another busy day, but thanks to running dates set with friends, I got a nice 5 miler in with Mary after work.  Thanks for waiting until 7 to run, Mary.  I appreciated the motivation :).

Today is a lower key day.  I had some work to take care of this morning and will head off to work in just a couple of minutes.  Since tomorrow is a long run day, I decided to make today a rest day to focus on getting stretched out and energized for my 16 miler tomorrow morning.  Plus, I’ll have to save some energy after that to move boxes into my new apartment!  It’s going to be a busy weekend but I’m prepared.

Who else is squeezing in a long run?  How far?

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