Heart Mini Half Marathon Race Recap

Hi guys.  I apologize for my absence from writing last week.  I broke my “1 post per week minimum” and felt really guilty about it.  I have good reason though!  I moved this past weekend and in addition to that, it was the 2016 Heart Mini this past weekend and I signed up to run the half marathon with Queen City Running Club!  This race is known among local Cincinnati runners for being brutal.  It’s essentially an out and back on a highway so it’s completely exposed to the elements and loaded with rolling hills.  There isn’t a single flat portion the entire race.  Not to mention that due to the starting line moving up a few blocks, the race organizers were forced to add back in the most brutal hill of all:  Torrence Parkway.  It’s pretty insane, so I included the elevation map of the course so you could feel my pain too!


The race could have gone better, however, given the unexpected surprise that included Torrence, in addition to the insanely humid weather for March, I can’t complain about my time.  I finished in 2:04:45.  That makes for an average of 9:30 / mile.  This isn’t my fastest time but also one of my better times so I’ll take it!  When I realized the weather and the hills weren’t working for me I knew I wouldn’t PR, so coming in at under 2:05 was my goal.  Goal achieved!

As you can see from the screen shot above, I started out way too fast.  I was feeling awesome, my legs were nice and refreshed from a great yoga session the morning before and I was eager.  By the time I got to mile 6 and the infamous Torrence hill, my legs gave out on me and my miles went between 9 and 10 minutes each.  Note to self:  practice going out slow and finishing fast.  I’m going to work on that.  Gotta save some energy for the big hills.

So glad that I ran this with all my running buddies from Queen City Running Club.  I wore my club T-Shirt and met so many new running friends on the course.  Loved it!  I ran with some of my training buddies and with some new people as well.  Since I don’t wear headphones, all the conversations with different runners definitely kept me motivated.  Plus, I wasn’t tempted to break off at the 15K split because all my running buddies were encouraging me to power through.  Glad I did!

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a sweaty post race photo of me and my running buddy Mary.  I looked drenched because I was.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to pour or not (spotty weather forecast) and I wanted to be prepared.  I ran in a rain jacket and that was a mistake.  It was essentially a tent for my sweat and allowed for no insulation.  I would not recommend it for next time.


Who else raced this weekend?  Next race on the agenda is the Credit Union Cherry Blossom  10 Mile Run in D.C. where my entry will be sponsored by Cabot Cheese via FAnnetastic Food.  Running and traveling are the best, so I can’t wait!  It’s so fun to get to go because I won a contest too.  It adds excitement to the mix.

What races do you guys have on your agendas?  Any recommendations for the best / most scenic fall half marathons?


One thought on “Heart Mini Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. […] person inside of me was still seeking redemption from the unpleasant race experience I had at the Heart Mini Half Marathon last month.  So, I went of feel, and kept a close eye on my watch.  I started out feeling good […]


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