What I Ate Wednesday (#WIAW) Recap

Hi friends.  It’s hard to believe that Thursday has hit us already.  The weeks seem to keep going faster and faster.  Another week almost down means I’m less than a week to starting my new job at Margaret Mary Health.  It’s exciting!  So yesterday on snapchat (@kaplanrm – give me a follow), I decided to share everything I ate.  I was pretty on it and didn’t leave out a thing.  Except water.  Which for me was miraculous that I remembered to drink quite a few glasses of it.  I’m going to try and keep up with sharing my meals and snacks on snapchat every Wednesday, but if you didn’t follow along, here’s the recap!


6:00am – 7:00am:  Wake up.  Drink black coffee.


7:00am – 8:00am:  Hit up the gym for a quick workout.  I had to be out the door for some appointments at 8:45.  I squeezed in a quick 15 minute warmup on the stairmaster before making up a circuit that I repeated for 15 minutes.  It involved 12 bosu pushups, 12 bosu situps, 12 bosu burpees, 12 bicep curls, 12 tricep dips, and 12 squat press.  Repeat till time is up.  Workout was quick but efficient.  I definitely got my sweat on.

8:30am:  Quickly shoved breakfast into my stomach.  I was running late so thank goodness I had left my oatmeal in the fridge overnight to soak up some of the milk and let the frozen berries defrost a bit.  I just had to pop it in the microwave and presto!  Breakfast was served.  The hard boiled eggs were a spur of the moment purchase from Trader Joes and they have been saving my life all week.


11:00am:  Quick coffee stop.  I had to get blood drawn and it was traumatic, so I treated myself to a soy iced coffee.


12:15pm:  Snack time.  These are becoming my new favorite.  (Sorry Kind bars).


1:30pm:  My mom called me spur of the moment and asked me to meet her and my sister for lunch at my favorite, Sleepy Bee.  So happy I was free.  I’ve never ordered off the lunch menu (breakfast FTW!) but decided to try the turmeric chicken salad.  It was wonderful; it was loaded with flavor, light on the mayo and had tons of cilantro.  Served with a side of sweet potatoes.  Yum!


4:00pm:  Snack time (again).  Like I mentioned in my last WIAW post, I tend to snack a lot over the day.  I didn’t want to over indulge because I had dinner plans with a friend later, so I enjoyed some leftover cilantro lime riced cauliflower from dinner the day before, topped with some guac.


5:30pm:  Snack time (again).  I lied when I shared this on snapchat.  I made this recipe for banana bread and had to taste it.  I like this recipe a lot because it really isn’t very sweet, but it’s moist and hits the spot.  I used canola oil and subbed in some coconut flour.


7:00pm:  My friend Becca and I had a cooking date.  We made one of my favorite things, taco stuffed sweet potatoes.  We did this version with chicken breast, and stuffed our potatoes with all the fixings (guac, black beans, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and taco seasoning).  HIT. THE. SPOT.


9:30pm:  Craving a sweet treat.  Saw these at Kroger and decided I had to find out how they tasted.  Spoiler alert, delicious.  I only had a couple.  Treats like oreos are totally fine when eaten in moderation.  Just don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting.


And just for fun, I thought I’d share this mornings breakfast with you all.  I enjoyed that banana bread I made.  Since it isn’t very sweet, I pumped it up with some awesome toppings and it hit the spot.  I microwaved some frozen berries and drizzled almond butter over the top and fancy banana bread was served.


Have a great day everyone!

What was the best thing you ate this week?

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