My Peach Dish Experience

Hi friends.  Happy Tuesday.  Hope you all survived Monday.  I did.  Barely.  Thankfully, some Monday hot yoga and a long, unintentional nap after dinner seemed to be a good cure.  My stomach has been a little twisty with my marathon being Saturday so I’m trying to keep my head clear.  I’ve never been super in to yoga or meditation so I’m all ears for advice on how to fight this anxiety!

This month, I decided to give Peach Dish a try!  Before I go any further with this post, I want to make clear that this is not sponsored and Peach Dish does not know I’m writing this.  These opinions here are 100% my own with regards to this service.  Phew.  Glad we got that out of the way.  For those who are unfamiliar, Peach Dish is a meal service much like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh where you receive a weekly box of ingredients with recipe cards and detailed instructions on how to prepare each dish.  What stood out to me about Peach Dish was that they have an a la carte option, meaning I didn’t have to subscribe and be forced to deal with that auto renew nonsense the other services seem to have. I was able to try out one box, with two meals, no committing required.  Perfect.

I started out by going online and picking two of the available recipes from their weekly menu to be included in my box.  I went for the snow pea, walnut and chicken salad, and for my second dish, I picked the kale, chicken and grits dish.  With Peach Dish being known for their healthier, fresher take on southern cuisine, I knew trying the grits was essentially mandatory.

So last Thursday was my birthday, and I came home to a pretty stellar gift on my doorstep.

Upon opening it, I discovered everything I needed was nicely packaged in the box.  And it was still cold.  Something I was worried about knowing I get home on the later side most nights.

 Fun surprise in the box, in addition to the ingredients and recipes, Peach Dish provides you with two clementines and 2 squares of dark chocolate.  Yes please!!

Preparing the recipes could not have been easier.  They didn’t take longer than 40 minutes to make, which is key when it comes to week night meals.

 I found the portions to be appropriately sized, which was refreshing, but at the same time I was hoping for leftovers.  I had some leftovers of the snow pea salad, but none of the chicken and grits.  However, both recipes were delicious.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow and for the most part, the ingredients stayed incredibly fresh.  Especially the ingredients for the chicken and grits dish which I didn’t get around to cooking until Tuesday.

Now you’re probably wondering, will you subscribe?  The answer there is no.  While I enjoyed my meals, I found that the menu selection with Peach Dish lacked variety.  I also was not a fan at the price tag on Peach Dish.  Their meals average $12.50 per plate when Blue Apron averages $10 per plate.  While I liked the no risk, a la carte option, this service would not be affordable long term for me.  Regardless, I loved the food and the recipes I prepared, and am so happy that Peach Dish has inspired a new sense of creativity for me in the kitchen.  I would definitely recommend a recipe service to anyone on a tight schedule looking for inspiration in their weeknight dinners.

Have you tried any of these meal services?  Which is your favorite?  Have you found new inspiration in the kitchen as a result?

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