Louisville, Kentucky Eats + Activities

Happy Hump Day, friends!  Hard to believe that it’s already Wednesday and that I’m officially a 3x marathoner.  The more time I’ve had to sit and reflect on Saturday’s race, the more content I have become with how things shook out.  26.2 is such an unpredictable distance and many seasoned marathoners will likely agree with me here, that anything beyond mile 18 is going to be a mystery.  There is no way I could have anticipated the issue I encountered with my ankle, so the fact I still beat an old time to earn a shiny new PR is nothing short of wonderful.  Even if this PR does not reflect my current level of fitness, I beat my previous time and that’s what counts.  Plus, in other ankle related news… Guys!  It’s officially not swollen and completely pain free.  I’m still taking care of it, but I don’t think it’s going to take me out of commission.  It might force me to ease back in incredibly slow, but who said that’s a bad thing 🙂

So while the main purpose of our trip was obviously to run, we did do our best to sample some of Louisville’s best eats and activities.  First on the agenda Saturday after a nice post-race nap?  Pizza!  Right next to our Airbnb was this nifty place called Garage Bar.  It was raining, so we ordered our pizza to go.  However, this place sticks out due to the garage like patio set-up it has.  While we waited for our order, we sat at the bar and enjoyed some local craft beers before taking the pizza back to the apartment.  It was AMAZING pizza.  We got a sweet corn and bacon, as well as a brussels sprouts pizza.  I wolfed down 5 slices so fast I forgot to take a picture.  .  Running 26.2 miles will do that to ya 🙂


Next on the agenda was another nap.  We were wiped.  After that, time for dinner!  We heard about a BBQ joint / Brewery called Against The Grain and knew that would be the perfect spot to continue the post marathon celebration.  Obviously we all sampled some of the beers (my favorite was their pilsner) and of course the BBQ nachos.  For dinner, we split a few different items including a beer can chicken, brisket, and a ton of sides.  The chicken was moist and delicious.  Unfortunately, the sides were a major bummer.  I felt like they came from a deli counter at Kroger opposed to a nice restaurant.  For a sweet bite after dinner, we obviously tried the bacon donut.  It was good, but not my favorite donut.

 Post dinner included checking out Louisville night life for drinks on 4th Street.  If it wasn’t for my swollen ankle, this might have been more enjoyable.  Always fun to explore though!

Sunday morning we slept in.  First on the agenda was coffee and Louisville’s best chocolate chip cookie at Please and Thank You.  This place was absolutely adorable.  I could spend a lot of money here.

Our early morning snack was followed by brunch at Wild Eggs.  I felt the need for some veggie action so I got a veggie hash with fried eggs on top.  Hit the spot.  And a celebratory bloody mary–because marathon weekend 🙂

Last stop?  A mandatory visit to a location on the Bourbon Trail.  The Bulleit Bourbon Tour was a blast.  The property was very beautiful and well maintained plus, our tour guide was passionate and had a sense of humor.  He was also incredibly knowledgeable.  I learned that my favorite bourbons have a higher ratio of corn than barley or rye which is what makes them sweeter.  Cool!

I’ll also mention that our Airbnb was in a really cool part of town called “NuLu.”  It’s a very trendy area that’s really turning around.  The streets were so beautiful too–Market Street specifically was lined with cute shops and restaurants.

Who’s been to Louisville?  Favorite spots?  Favorite post marathon meal?

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