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Thursday Thoughts #4

Happy Thursday guys!  The week is almost over and I feel like I’ve been going non-stop since last Friday.  Thank goodness I’m working a half-day tomorrow.  I could use the rest and relaxation!  Between work and other obligations this week, it’s been a busy one.  For this week’s Thursday Thoughts, here’s what is on my mind.

Got a unique taco dinner at Frida 602 Saturday.  Think brussels sprouts taco with a peanut salsa.  It was tasty but can someone please explain to me when it became socially acceptable to charge $5 for a single taco WITHOUT MEAT?!  I’d go back if it was for drinks and a snack, but I’d have to eat way too many tacos for it to feel like a meal.  PS local readers, their margs were killer.

 Hill workouts have been the theme of my running this week.  I did one Saturday and Tuesday.  Pretty proud of Saturday’s though because not only did I run some steep hills, but I also made it a negative split run.  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

Donut obsession still going strong.  Last week was National Donut Day.  I enjoyed a sweet treat (or two) and got my donation in to the Salvation Army.  Did you?

Attempted to make Anne’s grain free pancake this week.  It’s always a major fail.  I can never get it to cook properly.  Who has advice?!  Either way, it still hit the spot and made for an incredibly filling breakfast.

Who is aware of the new nutrition facts panel?  It’s pretty hot news in the world of nutrition.  I’m thinking I’ll share the inside scoop–what you need to know in an upcoming blog post.  I’m glad the label is getting a makeover.  It’s about time that the label pair better with current scientific information.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the dogs.  I babysat them all last weekend.  Aren’t they cute?

 It’s going to be 95 degrees this weekend in Cincinnati.  Hoping to still squeeze in a run!  How are you planning on staying cool?  


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Thursday Thoughts #3

I think this is the third time I’ve written a post entitled “Thursday Thoughts.”  They say it takes at least 3 times for something to become a habit (or 21 days) so I think sharing my Thursday Thoughts is officially a thing now.  Don’t you?

Early morning runs are my favorite.  Loving them even more now that the sun is up around 6 when I finish!

It was my Mom’s birthday Monday.  This cake was hands down the highlight of my week.  These cakes are infamous in Cincinnati and make any special occasion extra special.  Mmmmm opera cream ūüôā

After seeing a bazillion friends go nuts over the cookbook Cravings, I broke down and bought it.  Hands down worth every penny.  The book is full of “cravable” (see what I did there) recipes that do not require too much hands on effort.  My favorite!

I made the spicy tomato skillet eggs + prosciutto (I subbed ham) and it was super tasty.  Served with toast for balance ūüôā  The recipe reminded me a lot of shakshouka, a dish that reminds me of happy memories in Israel from the summer of 2009.  Except the version I ate in Israel wouldn’t have included pork.

 Yay speed workouts!  Queen City Running Club focuses on shorter, speedier workouts during the summer. Tuesday was super gross outside, but running buddy Mary and I drove over to Covington, KY to meet the group.  The organized workout began and ended with a slow but steady 1 mile warm up / cool down and the middle chunk was speed intervals by Paul Brown Stadium.  I’m never super pumped about speed work until I actually start moving and this workout was no different.  At the end of it all, I dropped some sub 8 minute miles and felt pretty spectacular about it.  Go me!

This new flavor of kind bar I discovered is my new favorite snack.  I want to eat it all the time.

Loved squeezing in a Blue Ash Rec Center workout.  Always a good sweat fest.  Sweat fests make me happy.

And… I’ll end this post with an awkward photo of my feet.  My right big toe is definitely swollen.  You know how sometimes on walks you stub your toe in the sidewalk crack, but then the painful feeling goes away immediately?  That apparently didn’t happen here.  I’m thinking this will go away soon but who knows.  Maybe I’ll keep you guys updated.

Tell me, what are you thinking about on this Thursday?


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Thursday Thoughts

Why did I just discover that my local Whole Foods has the 7.99 “Meatless Monday” special?  I filled that plate to the max with veggies, tofu and other vegetarian staples and got a Monday dinner + Tuesday lunch out of it.  Such a mega bargain.  I’ll be back.

I’m becoming marathon obsessed.  I thought I was hasty signing up for my second marathon 2 weeks after my first, but I broke a new record Monday.  I signed up for marathon #4 just 2 days after my less than desired experience at marathon #3.  Redemption + a new PR?  Yes please!

I’m traveling to Redondo Beach, California for a work conference in September.  It ends Friday but I’m not flying back until Sunday.  I need ALL THE SUGGESTIONS for food, fitness and travel activities I should experience.  Should I rent a car?  Where should I go?  What should I do?  Where should I stay?  I’ll be traveling solo.  Help!!!

Looking for a good cookie recipe.  I’ve recently made this one about a dozen and a half times (totally exaggerating but still).  Cookie requirements:  must have a chewy center and crisp exterior.

I’m pedal wagoning this weekend.  I’ve never done it.  I’m excited.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  To celebrate, I’m going on my first post marathon run.  Hope the ankle holds up.  TBD.  If it doesn’t, there will certainly be a margarita in my future.

I take beautiful race photos.  Case and point below.  


What are you guys doing to celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

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Thursday Thoughts – Marathon Edition

As I sit here and type this up before the crack of dawn this morning, I can only help but reflect on all the exciting, but at the same time, overwhelming thoughts racing through my head. ¬†The day has barely even started yet and I know it’s going to be a tough one considering how distracted I’ve been as of late. ¬†That can only mean one thing: ¬†race day is less than 48 hours away. ¬†OH BOY. ¬†While I’m only a recreational runner, I take my long distance races seriously. ¬†I think it would be silly not to, considering how much time, effort and money gets invested into each training season to run one race. ¬†I thought I’d share some Thursday Thoughts with you all, things that I’ve been thinking about all week leading up to race day.

  1. The BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS will be worth it. ¬†At least I keep telling myself that. ¬† First and foremost, I keep trying myself to really focus on positivity. ¬†It’s helped me through some really long runs, so I have to believe remaining positive will get me through this marathon. ¬†Success rate aside, holding a positive attitude is easier said than done, and I’m trying my best to push through the negative thoughts where I tell myself I can’t do it. ¬†The blood, sweat and tears will be WORTH it. ¬†I’ve been through some pretty brutal training runs this season and they’ve all helped to prepare me for this race. ¬†Harder, faster, better, stronger, #AmIRight?

  2. I tend to put a lot of¬†pressure on myself. ¬†It’s something I’m continually working on and I think running has allowed me to see that. ¬†This race isn’t a life or death situation and the pressure I put on my back adds extra stress and anxiety to my life I don’t need. ¬†However, I’ve got a really specific goal in mind for this race and it would feel incredible to reach that goal!¬† I’ve been in shape to run this time¬†for the other marathons I’ve completed¬†but I’ve never been as adequately trained for 26.2 as I am right now. ¬†So… pressure on? ¬†Yes. ¬†But, ¬†I need to remember that and remain positive about the potential results of Saturday (Good or Bad). ¬†I’ve also noticed that this pressure tends to remove the joy from running. ¬†Runs like the one I had on Tuesday remind me why running is so joyful and why this kind of pressure is silly.

    3. ¬†Listen to your body. ¬†That’s what I’ve been focusing on this week. ¬†I declared Tuesday to be my final run before race day and I’m getting antsy at that thought. ¬†I’ve been so used to my routine of running before or after work that I’ve had to find other ways to fill my time–walks with friends and reading has definitely helped! ¬†I made Tuesday my last run day¬†because I know how long it can take for my legs to recover even from the slowest, shortest of runs. ¬†I’m instead trying to focus on light walks and elliptical training, and of course Yoga. ¬†Yoga seems to help a little with my distracted mind as well. ¬†While I’m getting antsy, I need to listen to my body and keep reminding myself taking it easy this week will hopefully allow me to light and breezy Saturday morning. ¬†Hopefully breezier than I felt at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

    4. ¬†Remain focused on diet and nutrition–this of all weeks is the week to practice what I preach. ¬†I’ve never been this focused on what I’m putting in my body. ¬†To be quite frank, I’ve never been a proponent of obsessively meal planning or tracking foods eaten throughout the day, but with race day coming up, I’ve been overly conscious (or paranoid) of my dietary choices. ¬†This paranoia is new to me as I don’t frequently worry about much in my life. ¬†This week specifically, ¬†I’m focusing on whole, fresh foods, specifically emphasizing healthy carbs, fruits, veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats. ¬†I also gave up alcohol on April 15th as another way to prepare my body for this race. ¬†The diet part has been mostly easy as I typically eat balanced meals anyway (besides eliminating my after work, pre-run snack ritual of oreos and tortilla chips). ¬†The alcohol part has been the most challenging, but hopefully most rewarding of the sacrifices I’ve made. ¬†From family dinners, to Jewish Holidays, to running group cookouts and birthday parties, it’s certainly been a struggle to say no to all alcohol, especially when surrounded by peers enjoying a beverage.

    5. ¬†I’m going on a mini vacation! ¬†I’ve never really been further south in Kentucky than Covington (which really doesn’t count and is closer to me than many Cincinnati suburbs) so I’m excited to reward my solid efforts with good food and drink. ¬†Plus, bourbon tours! ¬†I can’t wait.

Tell me. ¬†Where should I eat after the race? ¬†What’s your favorite bourbon tour? ¬†Who else gets pre-race jitters (especially since this is a new to me feeling)?

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