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Catching Up

You guys.  What a whirlwind of a past week or so.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted.  Instead of diving right in to some topics / recaps I have planned for you all, I thought that 2 weeks is a long time to be away.  So, let’s ease back in slowly and start by catching up.  Shall we?

July 4th weekend was crazy fun and crazy relaxing.  It was one of those weekends where I got off the couch a few times, but mostly just relaxed a lot.  The weekend started by catching up with a good friend at the brand new Nine Giant Brewery (good beer and great food).  We shared the spicy peppers and the fried pickles.  So good.  Other exciting eats from July 4th weekend include an old favorite, the Silverton Donut Shop!  It had been ages since I’d been, and I enjoyed every bite.  Not pictured:  the TO DIE FOR apple fritter I wolfed down in the car.  It was that good.  Tried a bite of the other donuts before going into a sugar coma and calling it quits.  Gosh do I love donuts.

July 4th I whipped up this super simple and tasty frittata (similar to this recipe), by cleaning out the veggie drawer in my fridge.  Cooked up broccoli, sweet potatoes and bacon in a pan and mixed in the eggs + cheddar and baked until finished.  Easy as pie!  Took the frittata over to my parents house and they had some patriotic berries waiting to serve on the side.  Perfect, light summer meal.  Non traditional for the 4th?  Sure.  But it certainly hit the spot.   

July 4th also involved running the Rocket Man 15K in Loveland, Ohio.  To be completely honest, I went into this one to just have extra motivation to run the 9.3 miles.  I wasn’t pushing it at PR pace and I certainly had no goal finish time in mind.  Plus, it was pouring rain (giving me major flashbacks to the Derby Festival Marathon) and the course was looped, so we ran 3 5k distance laps.  Oof.  Overall, glad I got up and at it on a rainy morning.

Last week was my third radio show with WRBI.  I did a segment on “Satisfying Your Summer Sweet Tooth.”  If you guys are interested, I can turn that same information into a blog post!

I think the most exciting thing I did over these last 2 weeks was the Indiana Spartan Sprint on Saturday.  It was touch, muddy, and included too many burpees.  I’ll have a full recap coming ‘atcha on Friday!  For now, here’s a before pic and a muddy pic of the group at the finish.

 Other notable eats from the last 2 weeks include:

This super tasty meal of BBQ baked panko chicken + salad + fries.

Snack night at Braxton with Queen City Running Club.  After 5 sweaty miles, an icy cold beer plus lots of snacking was in order.

 Pizza at Cork and Cap Hyde Park.  This was seriously amazing.

One of Anne’s banana pancakes topped with candied pecans, peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt, and strawberries.  Almost felt like dessert!  

Some amazing desk lunches at work–leftover pulled pork salad + potatoes and lemon cod + kale salad + tomatoes.  DELISH.


Tell me, what have you been up to recently? 

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WIAW – Recap Post

Hi Guys.  I think it was cold out last time I did one of these posts so I thought I’d share with you what I ate yesterday.  So, while today is definitely Thursday, we’ll still call it “What I Ate Wednesday,” because it’s actually what I ate on Wednesday ūüôā  Boy guys, Wednesday sure was A DAY.  Like one of those days that moved so quickly it makes your head spin but moved so slow you constantly found yourself checking what time it was.

Wednesday morning actually started out slow.  I woke up at 5:05am without an alarm and decided that instead of waiting until 6:15am to go to bootcamp, I’d just go to the gym and take it easy on the elliptical with some good ‘ole Netflix.  Currently switching between Grace and Frankie and House of Cards.  Who else watches?!  Because I went to the gym an hour earlier than normal, I actually had time to cook a breakfast I hadn’t had in what felt like decades…Anne’s Banana Pancake!  I never seem to have ground flax when I make it but I had garbanzo bean flour so I gave that a try and it was perfect.  I topped my pancake with fresh blueberries, my homemade whole milk yogurt, and peanut butter.  Hit. The. Spot. ūüôā  Enjoyed with black coffee!

By the time I arrived to work, it had been almost 3 hours since I had my pancake and I was craving something sweet.  I listened to my body, and treated myself to a donut.  No shame at all.  Enjoyed with the rest of my coffee.

Then I was off to a meeting that would end up being the longest meeting of my life.  2.5 hours later, my body was screaming, feed me!  It was lunch time.  I like to eat as many veggies at lunch as I can to fill up, and I love that the cafe at our hospital has these amazing veggie salads every day that employees can purchase for .91 cents.  Lately, I’ve been bouncing between the broccoli bacon salad or the kale salad.  Today was broccoli bacon day!  I paired the salad with some leftovers:  pulled pork (this recipe + BBQ sauce) + sweet potato + cabbage / spinach salad.  So good.

I’m a snacker and today was no different.  I got hungry multiple times throughout the afternoon.  First were these “banana cookies.”  Recipe included only 4 ingredients too!  Banana, nut butter, chocolate chips, and oats.  Definitely more granola-y than cookie like, but it still tasted good.

Next was a giant container of blueberries and cherries.  Who else loves summer fruit?

Still feeling hungry around 4, I had about 10 whole wheat crackers to tide me over.  I probably should have spread peanut butter on them… regrets ūüôā

Then, a once and a blue moon treat for me, a coke zero.  I gave up soda cold turkey a few  years ago and rarely crave it now.  I usually only want a few sips and that’s what went down here.  I put the rest in the fridge and might drink more later in the week.

Dinner was late because I work late on Wednesdays.  I had to drop off something at my parent’s house so in good fashion, I raided their fridge.  Veggie, chicken and feta wrap + chips.

 And because it’s impossible to end the day without chocolate, chocolate.  This dark chocolate and orange bar I bought recently.  Chocolate paired with a guilty pleasure of mine, Pretty Little Liars.  Anyone else watch?

So that was my day.  Ever have a day where you can’t seem to stop eating?  I eat when I’m hungry and I was hungry far often than normal

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The New Nutrition Facts Label

Hi Friends! ¬†Happy Monday. ¬†I recently wrote an article that is soon to be featured in a professional newsletter, but I thought I should share some key highlights from the article with all of you. ¬†The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released it’s final rules¬†for it’s overhaul of the nutrition facts label and food manufacturers¬†with more than $10 million in annual food sales¬†are expected to transition to the new labeling format by July 26, 2018. ¬†So, what does this mean for you, the consumer? ¬†Detailed below are what I consider to be some of the most relevant and significant changes to the new food labels. ¬†Let’s take a look:

Inline image 1

  1. Updated Design
    While the classic look of the label will remain, many updates have been made to ensure consumers have access to the information they need for making informed dietary decisions:

    • Increasing font size for ‚Äúcalories,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúservings per container,‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúserving size.‚ÄĚ
    • Bolding¬†the “number of calories,” “servings per container,”¬†and ‚Äúserving size.‚ÄĚ
    • The¬†footnote section on the label will better explain what the percent daily value actually means to you, the consumer
  2. Up-To-Date Nutrition Science
    The new label will feature the addition of “added sugars,” in grams and percent daily. ¬†It’s no secret that added sugars are detrimental to our health. ¬†Scientific data has demonstrated a positive association with weight gain and obesity in children and adults. ¬†In addition, added sugars have been linked to a variety of other health conditions including heart disease. ¬†Research has also demonstrated that it is difficult to meet nutrient needs while staying within calorie limits if more than 10% of total daily calories consumed come from added sugars.

    Another scientifically relevant update comes with the removal of “calories from fat.” ¬†Current research demonstrates that the type of fat consumed is more significant than the amount consumed.

  3. Serving Size Makeover
    Serving sizes must now reflect amounts of food and beverage that people¬†actually consume, not what they should be consuming. ¬†Over the years, how much individuals eat and drink has drastically changed since the previous portion size requirements were published back in 1993. ¬†Here’s an example of what I mean: ¬†The reference amount for a scoop of ice cream was previously 1/2 cup of ice cream per serving. ¬†The new nutrition label will reference a 2/3 cup serving of ice cream. ¬†While I find it a major bummer that the new label will not reflect the modest portion sizes we¬†should be¬†eating, I think it’s important for consumers to have easy access to accurate information about their food, and this change in serving sizes will allow consumers to make realistic and informed decisions.
  4. New Labeling Requirements For Certain Package Sizes
    Package sizes that are between one and two servings (like a 20 ounce soda bottle) will now be labeled as one serving. ¬†This is to reflect the idea that most consumers are not just drinking half of a 20 ounce soda bottle, they are most likely drinking the entire thing. ¬†For products that are larger than a single serving but could be consumed in one sitting, manufacturers will be required to provide “dual column” labels to identify the amount of calories and nutrients on a “per serving” and “per package” basis. ¬†An example of this new requirement would apply to a pint of ice cream.











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Thursday Thoughts #4

Happy Thursday guys!  The week is almost over and I feel like I’ve been going non-stop since last Friday.  Thank goodness I’m working a half-day tomorrow.  I could use the rest and relaxation!  Between work and other obligations this week, it’s been a busy one.  For this week’s Thursday Thoughts, here’s what is on my mind.

Got a unique taco dinner at Frida 602 Saturday.  Think brussels sprouts taco with a peanut salsa.  It was tasty but can someone please explain to me when it became socially acceptable to charge $5 for a single taco WITHOUT MEAT?!  I’d go back if it was for drinks and a snack, but I’d have to eat way too many tacos for it to feel like a meal.  PS local readers, their margs were killer.

 Hill workouts have been the theme of my running this week.  I did one Saturday and Tuesday.  Pretty proud of Saturday’s though because not only did I run some steep hills, but I also made it a negative split run.  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

Donut obsession still going strong.  Last week was National Donut Day.  I enjoyed a sweet treat (or two) and got my donation in to the Salvation Army.  Did you?

Attempted to make Anne’s grain free pancake this week.  It’s always a major fail.  I can never get it to cook properly.  Who has advice?!  Either way, it still hit the spot and made for an incredibly filling breakfast.

Who is aware of the new nutrition facts panel?  It’s pretty hot news in the world of nutrition.  I’m thinking I’ll share the inside scoop–what you need to know in an upcoming blog post.  I’m glad the label is getting a makeover.  It’s about time that the label pair better with current scientific information.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the dogs.  I babysat them all last weekend.  Aren’t they cute?

 It’s going to be 95 degrees this weekend in Cincinnati.  Hoping to still squeeze in a run!  How are you planning on staying cool?  


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Recent Eats + Fitness

Hi Guys!  Hope everyone had wonderful weekends celebrating with Mom!  I certainly did.  I went over to my parent’s house yesterday morning and surprised my mom with a simple but tasty brunch–bacon + egg breakfast sandwiches and fruit.  Delish!  I had been craving breakfast tacos, but these still hit the spot.  Mom was surprised too.  I caught her right after she worked out so I couldn’t have timed this meal better.

Sunday was pretty rainy, but Saturday, the sun was shining all day.  Running buddy Mary and I made sure to meet up with Queen City Running Club for the kickoff workout of summer training.  Considering Saturday was 1 week post-marathon, we were both very happy with our pace for this quick 3 miler.  Perfect way to start out a weekend.

Random thought regarding Saturday morning’s run…  so it was in the upper 60s to low 70s and there was a woman wearing a full blow track outfit (jacket + matching pants).  I was sweating just looking at her outfit.  When people over dress in the heat for runs, I get confused.  Do you guys have a go-to rule of thumb for how you decide what to wear for runs?  Tell me.  I’ve been told I under dress  when it’s cold and over dress when it’s hot!  (Insert thinking emoji here).

Earlier in the week, I received my first Blue Apron box!  After seeing so many positive reviews for the service, comparing it to other services, and overall liking their menu options the best, I decided to sign up.  I like the flexibility of being able to cancel my weeks whenever I chose to with Blue Apron.  I live alone so the 6 meals I receive through the service lasts me longer than a week so I don’t need a delivery more than 1-2x per month.  It allows me to mix up my meals from my standard routine, without wasting too much food or over spending.

The first recipe from the box I prepared was this Udon Noodle Stir Fry with Shitake Mushrooms.  It took maybe 20 minutes to prepare and was a nice way to mix up my regular dinner routine of chicken or fish with whatever veggies I had in the fridge.  Loved the shitake mushrooms in this recipe too.  I had green beans in the fridge so I added some to the mix to up the veggie volume.  Worked perfectly!  I had leftovers to enjoy all weekend.  I ended up getting 3 meals out of it.  Awesome.


Last thought on my mind relates to Kodiak Cakes!  Who else is obsessed?  I remember when they were on Shark Tank and now they’ve become a pantry staple for me.  I picked up their new flavors at Target this weekend and had to try them out.  The peanut butter mix wasn’t my favorite.  It didn’t have as strong a flavor as you’d expect.  I still felt the need to drizzle peanut butter on the cakes themselves.

However, the chocolate mix combined with the peanut butter mix was heavenly.  Topped with a banana and more peanut butter?  Perfect way to start a Monday after a drizzly 5am run.

Who enjoyed the Sunshine this weekend?  Thoughts on appropriate running attire?  What is your go to garment for running?

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My Peach Dish Experience

Hi friends. ¬†Happy Tuesday. ¬†Hope you all survived Monday. ¬†I did. ¬†Barely. ¬†Thankfully, some Monday¬†hot yoga and a long, unintentional nap after dinner seemed to be a good cure. ¬†My stomach has been a little twisty with my marathon being Saturday so I’m trying to keep my head clear. ¬†I’ve never been super in to yoga or meditation so I’m all ears for advice on how to fight this anxiety!

This month, I decided to give¬†Peach Dish¬†a try!¬† Before I go any further with this post, I want to make clear that this is not sponsored and Peach Dish does not know I’m writing this. ¬†These opinions here are 100% my own with regards to this service. ¬†Phew. ¬†Glad we got that out of the way. ¬†For those who are unfamiliar, Peach Dish is a meal service much like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh¬†where you receive a weekly box of ingredients with recipe cards and detailed instructions on how to prepare each dish. ¬†What stood out to me about Peach Dish was that they have an a la carte option, meaning I didn’t have to subscribe and be forced to deal with that auto renew nonsense the other services seem to have. I was able to try out one box, with two meals, no committing required. ¬†Perfect.

I started out by going online and picking two of the available recipes from their weekly menu to be included in my box.  I went for the snow pea, walnut and chicken salad, and for my second dish, I picked the kale, chicken and grits dish.  With Peach Dish being known for their healthier, fresher take on southern cuisine, I knew trying the grits was essentially mandatory.

So last Thursday was my birthday, and I came home to a pretty stellar gift on my doorstep.

Upon opening it, I discovered everything I needed was nicely packaged in the box.  And it was still cold.  Something I was worried about knowing I get home on the later side most nights.

 Fun surprise in the box, in addition to the ingredients and recipes, Peach Dish provides you with two clementines and 2 squares of dark chocolate.  Yes please!!

Preparing the recipes could not have been easier. ¬†They didn’t take longer than 40 minutes to make, which is key when it comes to week night meals.

¬†I found the portions to be appropriately sized, which was refreshing, but at the same time I was hoping for leftovers. ¬†I had some leftovers of the snow pea salad, but none of the chicken and grits. ¬†However, both recipes were delicious. ¬†The instructions were clear and easy to follow and for the most part, the ingredients stayed incredibly fresh. ¬†Especially the ingredients for the chicken and grits dish which I didn’t get around to cooking until Tuesday.

Now you’re probably wondering, will you subscribe? ¬†The answer there is no. ¬†While I enjoyed my meals, I found that the menu selection with Peach Dish lacked variety. ¬†I also was not a fan at the price tag on Peach Dish. ¬†Their meals average $12.50 per plate when Blue Apron averages $10 per plate. ¬†While I liked the no risk, a la carte option, this service would not be affordable long term for me. ¬†Regardless, I loved the food and the recipes I prepared, and am so happy that Peach Dish has inspired a new sense of creativity for me in the kitchen. ¬†I would definitely recommend a recipe service to anyone on a tight schedule looking for inspiration in their weeknight dinners.

Have you tried any of these meal services?  Which is your favorite?  Have you found new inspiration in the kitchen as a result?

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¬†Creativity With Leftovers + Healthy Packed Breakfast

Hi guys, another week flew by, and this one felt crazy fast!  Last night, I celebrated my birthday with some of my running buddies at our weekly social run.  Each week, we meet at a local craft brewery, run 6 miles, and then enjoy some good beer and conversation.  Couldn’t have picked a better way to spend my birthday.  It was a beautiful night and stretching my legs after a long day at the office felt incredible.  Plus, the post run beer hit the spot.  Normally, I don’t stick around for food, but since it was my birthday, I decided we should all treat ourselves to some Tom + Chee too.  We ran before indulging, so balance, right? ūüôā  Pictured below is my super fancy grilled cheese that had everything on it plus the donut bites we all shared.  Perfect birthday treats!

I wanted to talk to you all about leftovers today because I spent almost the entire week enjoying some of mine.  I think when you hear the word “leftovers,” the common reaction these days is typically negative.  I’ve had patients tell me they find leftovers boring and uninteresting.  Well, I’m here to tell you that leftovers can easily be repurposed into new meals to keep up the excitement.  Last weekend, I enjoyed a really delicious and indulgent steak dinner out with my parents.  There were tons of leftovers.  Like 3 boxes worth of leftovers.

I had things like steak, mac & cheese, potatoes, roasted carrots and a fries left.  Now you are probably thinking, sure those leftovers sound great, but how do you repurpose them in a satisfying and healthy way?  Let me share some examples with you.  That steak dinner was heavy and there was no reason for me to eat all these leftovers in one sitting. So, Sunday, I made a salad with the leftover glazed carrots and half of the steak + some spinach and cabbage I had on hand.  I dressed it with some red wine vinegar and olive oil.  It hit the spot.  Such a filling and delicious dinner and it reminded me nothing of Saturday nights meal.  Monday, I grilled up some chicken breast I had on hand and enjoyed it with the leftover mac & cheese plus some steamed spinach and broccoli.  Tuesday, I used the leftover mashed potatoes and created my own personal potato bowl.  I mixed in the leftover steak, the rest of my steamed spinach and broccoli from Monday, and some diced grape tomatoes.  At that point, the only thing I had left were the fries.  I decided to crisp those up Wednesday evening and enjoy them as a fun treat with the rest of my grilled chicken.  I was running low on veggies so I had a nice big bowl of berries on the side.  All these meals hit the spot, and none of them were the same.  I saved time, not to mention money on food for the week because I made certain to roll these leftovers from day to day.  Instead of tossing them because I didn’t need another indulgent meal, I used creativity to turn these leftovers into new and exciting healthy dinners throughout the week.  See, leftovers don’t have to be boring! ūüôā

Yesterday, I was running late to work and did not have time to eat before I hit the road.  That doesn’t mean I had an excuse to skip breakfast.  I grabbed a quick, packable breakfast from my fridge and made certain to enjoy while I responded to emails at work.  It’s so simple to grab a container of Greek yogurt (I like the full fat variety) and some fruit / nuts throw in a bag and hit the road.  I enjoyed my yogurt with some granola I had on had in single serving packets and some berries from my fridge.  This meal required almost no effort to pack, but nutritionally, it provided me with everything I needed to jumpstart my day.  Protein from the yogurt, fiber from the berries, and some healthy carbs and fats from the granola.  It hit the spot, and held me over until lunch.  Breakfast does not have to be the drive-thru when you are crunched for time!

In other news, guys, I decided to try out Peach Dish.  The idea of grocery shopping and planning meals has been really unappealing to me lately and I’ve been in kind of a creativity rut when it comes to eating.  I’ve been having the same meals over and over again and need some new inspiration.  Peach Dish sends you everything you need to make the recipes you pick, so there’s no food waste either.  I paid for this on my own dime and will share my unsolicited thoughts on the service after I’ve eaten my way through the meals next week.

The rest of my Friday involves seeing a few more patients before heading home to a healthy dinner and a good nights sleep before my final, double digit run before the Kentucky Derby Marathon on April 30th.

Who else is doing a long run tomorrow?

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